Effective Essay Writing Hints:
How to Get a High Grade

If you’re asked to compose an essay for the first time, it’ll be rather difficult for you to get a high score if you approach this task blindly. You might even not manage to complete it in time. To increase your chance of success, it’s recommended to learn about the effective way of dealing with a writing assignment. Click here to learn more about the art of essay writing.

An Effective Guide to Successful Essay Writing

  1. Choose a good topic.
  2. The first thing you should do is select an interesting direction for your paper. If your teacher doesn’t limit you in topic selection, it’s recommended to write about something that draws your own interest. If you’re provided with a topic to address, you should narrow it down or find an unusual way to approach it in order to make your paper unique.

  3. Educate yourself about the topic.
  4. Unless you’re writing a personal narrative, it’s likely that you’ll need to learn more about the topic of your work before you start writing. Find the books, articles, movies, or other sources that contain the needed information. Analyze them to highlight the pieces of information that you should include in your own text.

  5. Outline your academic work.
  6. Even if you have to write a small paper, it’s advisable to plan its contents before the writing process starts. This way, the structure of your paper is likely to be stronger and clearer to the reader. Use bulleted lists to briefly indicate what points you’re going to mention in the introduction, body, and conclusion of your text.

  7. Write your text.
  8. Remember that it’s not obligatory to start the writing process with an introduction. If it’s easier for you, complete the body paragraphs first and add other sections later. Write your text maintaining the tone implied by the type of your assignment. For example, an informative paper should be written in a formal and objective way while a personal narrative should have an effect on the reader’s feelings and emotions.

  9. Revise and edit your writing.
  10. Having written the first draft, you should thoroughly proofread it. This will help you find and eliminate different mistakes made during the writing process. You should also pay attention to your phrasing and make sure that everything sounds clear and conveys the message that you’ve intended. It’s recommended to revise your paper several times to be sure that you haven’t missed anything.

Creating a Title for Your Essay

This is a very important part of your assignment. If you come up with a bad title for your paper, nobody is likely to be interested in reading it. A good title should catch the eye of the reader. Here are some tips on how to create decent titles:

So, if you write your paper following the tips above, you’ll be very likely to get an excellent grade for your assignment. However, if you don’t receive the highest score for your first writing task, don’t give up. The more papers you write in a proper way, the better your marks will be in the future.