How To Write A Narrative Speech Or Essay

A narrative speech or essay tells a story mostly about a personal experience. This type of essay is closely made up of facts. The structure of the essay uses a certain type of order in the expression of ideas. Anecdotes are applied as a style of writing to engage the audience and relate the emotional state of the reader to them. The type of emotion that the reader gets from a piece of writing depends on how a writer expresses his/her ideas, whether the reader gets a sense of humor or serious emotion from the writing all depends on the writer.

There are three primary characteristics of good narrative essays:

  1. Clear and well-organized ideas
  2. The narrative essays revolve on a central theme.
  3. The essays possess specific evidence to provide support for the expressed theme

Essay construction

Common magazines like New Yorker present published very long narratives and at times referred to as long-format journalism. For an essay to be effective, however, it does not necessarily have to belong, it can be as short as five well-organized paragraphs that present well-understood information.

The overall format or outline followed by most essays includes:

Essay topics of narratives

Like the other essays, finding the best topic for your narrative essay is the most challenging part. The chosen topic should be one that the writer can tell a well-developed tale chronologically. The chosen topic should be interesting and capable of capturing the attention of the reader. 

There are three main types of essays and narrative stories are one of them. Other essay types are: